Our Services

Attendant Care

This service is designed to provide high quality in-home care centered around routine day to day activities. MSCS staff always display top quality in-home-etiquette to ensure the comfort of members and those they live with. 

Day Treatment for Adults

The MSCS Day Treatment Programs runs Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. There are two groups offered, the triangle group and the square group. One is focused on outings while the other focuses on projects back at the MSCS service site. Members and their families have a choice each day in the activities they would like to participate in and multiple options are always available.

Habilitation, Support

This service is focused around developing a wide variety of member's skills. These skills can range anywhere from brushing teeth and preparing meals at home to completing a shopping list out at the local grocery store. In many cases, MSCS is able to accommodate virtual habilitation sessions for those that are interested. 


This service allows parents/guardians to take a break from providing care for another individual. In addition to 1-on-1 Respite services, MSCS provides unique "group respite" services that allow for the enjoyment and enhanced development of social skills as members spend time becoming acquainted and making friends with other MSCS members. 

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